The price of depression

According to the World Health Organization, currently over 450 million people suffer from mental illness or disabilities, most of them living in developing countries. About half of mental illnesses begin to manifest before 14 years. Approximately 20% of children and teenagers throughout the world suffer from diseases related to mental health or other related issues.

Depression (depressive disorder) is a disease that affects not only the body, but also your mood, thoughts of the person. It influences the way a person eats, alters the sleep, changes the way the person concerned sees others and itself. Depression can’t be treated immediately, with no effects, it requires a treatment according to the specific form of depression faced.

Let’s see what are the symptoms and the weapons against depression.

Symptoms of depression

The most common symptoms of depression are:

-          sadness and persistent anxiety;

-          feeling helpless and being pessimistic;

-          feeling guilty and worthless;

-          lack of interest and lack of satisfaction regarding some hobbies and activities that once were pleasant (including sexual activity);

-          decreased energy and permanent fatigue;

-          difficulties concentrating and to memorize;

-          difficulties making decisions;

-          insomnia or sleeping more than used to before;

-          increase or loss of appetite;

-          morbid and suicidal thoughts;

-          growing irritability;

-          persistent physical symptoms that don’t give reaction to the treatment: headaches, digestive disorders, chronic pain, etc.

Weapons against depression

A great number of studies reveal the importance of diet and sports in prevention and control of depression. Thus, experts recommend the following tips for prevention and control of this disease:

-          Use of vitamin B6 supplements or food high in vitamin B6: avocados, bananas, liver, soybeans, poultry and beef, tuna, salmon, nuts, peanuts;

-          Greater use of foods rich in omega 3 fats (salmon, tuna, sardines, etc.);

-          Inclusion of the amino acid tryptophan diet (eggs, turkey, avocado, bananas, etc.);

-          Avoid excessive consumption of refined sugar and dairy products. Reduce them with a diet rich in fish meat, seafood and starchy roots;

-          Inclusion in the diet of linseed, pumpkin and vegetable oils (containing essential fats needed for proper functioning of the brain and vitamin E, which protects it);

-          Sports. Any kind of sport can contribute to the reduction of depression. Given the difficulties of active sporting, it is recommended to perform a 30-minute walks outdoors.

Traditional medicine recommends, for treating depression, the use of the following herbs: damiana, ginseng, kola, lady slipper, lavender, lime, oatmeal, rosemary, skullcap, valerian, verbena.

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