What are the erectile dysfunctions?

The erectile dysfunctions, also called the impotence, is the inability of a man to have an erection, in order to have a normal sexual relation. These disorders should not be confused with other causes of the incapacity to have sex (for example, the lack of sexual desire, etc.).

This problem manifests itself in various ways. Thus, some men are not able to have even an erection, while other may have a single very short erection.

Being in such situations, a great number of men doesn’t go to see a doctor in order to pass a medical examination, being embarrassed, or hopping that the problem would resolve on its own. The relevant studies show that over 6 million Europeans with erectile problems don’t call a specialist. The statistics tell us that over 50% of men, aged 40years and over, had to face this phenomena. The absolute majority of them avoids any form of communication with the doctor. Besides the sexual and psychological discomfort, the person may have the risk of serious cardiovascular disease. Symptoms of these diseases include problems with the erection.

What causes the erectile dysfunctions?

The factors that may cause this disorder are the following:

-          Diabetes: Erectile dysfunctions can occur in suffering people much earlier (10-15 years) than  to other people;

-          Cardiovascular disease: due to atherosclerosis, arteries that supply the penis become clogged and the organ is no longer supplied with the needed quantity of blood, which prevents the occurrence of erection;

-          Age: general weakening of the body and the occurrence of health problems have a negative impact on erection;

-          High level of cholesterol, especially during a prolonged period of time;

-          Nervous system problems negatively influence the transmission of nerve impulses to the brain;

-          Depression, stress or other psychological problems (anxiety, guilt, etc.) diminishes the willingness and the capacity of having sex;

-          Smoking: because it increases the risk of atherosclerosis;

-          Drug and alcohol abuse: all these substances cause problems with nerves, nerve impulses aren’t sent in a normal way and erectile dysfunctions occur.

For a healthy erection

Specialists give simple and easy to follow recommendations, the practice of which will minimize the probability of occurring of erectile problems:

-          Removing or maximum limiting of the noxious factors (alcohol, smoking etc.);

-          Healthy diet (avoiding products with a high content of cholesterol and chemical elements, etc.);

-          Keeping the balance of vitamins and minerals in the body (especially zinc: chicken, turkey, nuts, yogurt, beef, lamb, salmon, cheese and milk, Vitamin E: almonds, broccoli, spinach, mango and wheat germ, etc.);

-          Growing resistance to stress and maintaining the psychological balance.

In case of erectile dysfunction, the following types of therapy are practicable:

-          The use of medications (sildenafil citrate);

-          Injecting into the penis, before intercourse, a drug that stimulates erection;

-          drain thoroughly device;

-          Penile prosthesis;

-           Vascular surgery.

The most common spread method refers to administering special medications that facilitate the erection. One of the most efficient drugs in this series, on our market is called Esculap. The drug offers not only an efficient treatment of the erectile dysfunctions, but also contributes to their prevention.