How to prepare for a healthy winter

Many people experience the same problem every winter: the cold. And this is because after the warm period of the year our body "is relaxing" and our immunity is at low levels. 
Therefore we are more exposed to different viruses and catch colds quicker. Bellow we present you several advises that will help you keep away colds  and stay in shape.  

Proper Nutrition
The most efficient method to increase the resistance to cold and boost the immunity is a proper and balanced nutrition, with many fruits and vegetables as these offer necessary energy to fight with viruses. It is important to avoid fats that expose keeps the liver extra busy and we are exposed to more diseases. It is recommended to eat apples, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers, and add cinnamon to the food we eat.

Move, move, move!
Having an active lifestyle we can boost our immune system. Along with protection from respiratory infections, you will have a lower risk to catch serious infections. Jogging in the cold mornings strengthens our body, therefore we are resiste\ant to freezing temperatures. You might as well visit the gym, practice athletics and dance. 

Boost your immune system
Although numerous drugs are advertised to boost our immunity, the best solutions we find nature. Drink green tea, eat garlic, and any other products rich in antioxidants to be in a good shape every day. Also very effective are the products that contain vitamin C, D and zinc. At the same time avoid toxins that lower the resistance to the flu and colds. Therefore it is not recommended to smoke and consume alcoholic drinks, as it burns quicker vitamine C and lowers its effects. 
Consume lots of honey

When our body is busy with processing and transforming sugar in fats, it fights hard to keep up with the maintenance of the immune system. Honey contains over 400 nutrients including vitamin C and B, that boost immunity and keep us away from colds. Lavender honey relieves caughing and throat pain. Lime honey relieves fever, fir tree honey is helpful in case of respiratory diseases, and flower honey is antimicrobial.

No stress!

When we are stressed our bodies produces cortisol and adrenaline, two hormones that affect the immune system. Reading, sports, walks, even gazing at the clouds or listening to the nature can protect you from colds and flues. And also it is important to receive enough rest. Fatigue quickly affects the immune system, and if you do not get enough sleep the body is less able to protect itself from different viruses.
No matter what you do, pay attention to your health, as it is very important to preserve it. This way you will succeed in every daily activity. Practice sports, get enough rest, eat properly and the most important: Be healthy!