How to stay beautiful and healthy during the winter

Winter is the season which usually causes problems for the beauty and the health of the body. But with proper diet and a special care, you can maintain a great physical shape during the winter: with a healthy body, fresh complexion and beautiful hair.

Perfect diet

During the cold season of the year, the organism is more requested due to low temperatures. Therefore, metabolism needs more quality protein, minerals and a lot of vitamins. However, the diet must be balanced: you shouldn't eat more, nor less fat, no sweeter than usual to prepare your body to face the cold.

The morning meal is more important than ever during the cold period. So eat well in the morning: a hard-boiled egg, bread with honey, white meat, cereals, yogurt, and milk. But, whatever you choose, add a fruit or vegetables salad that will make your day wonderful.

We offer you the recipe of a salad that can be prepared in five minutes, but will provide you energy for the next 24 hours:

Take an apple or a pear, a tangerine or orange, required a small carrot, a bunch of grapes or a tablespoon of raisins, a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 15-20 drops of propolis (you can find it at the pharmacy or at beekeepers), add a spoon of honey and a little water. Clean and cut the ingredients into small pieces and then mix them. Consume the salad, along with the left juice, immediately after it was prepared. 

High immunity

In order to face all the viral and bacterial attacks during the winter, the organism needs to defend the immune system. The solution is to detoxify your body and protect your airways.

We can offer you a tea recipe that will strengthen your immunity. Combine three tablespoons thyme with three tablespoons of dried Echinacea (pharmacy, bio shops) and two tablespoons of dried eucalyptus leaves (also from bio shops or pharmacies). Add orange peel for flavor. A teaspoon of mixture is sufficient for a cup of tea that has to be drunk within two weeks. Drink it with a tablespoon of honey, along with a slice of lemon.

A glowing complexion like in summer  

The variations of temperature and the dry air in the heated rooms are a big problem for our skin. That's why during the cold season the withered skin, the pale and dull faces are a normal thing for a lot of people. In order to prevent such cases, you should take care of your skin more intensively. A well hydrated skin won't allow the winter wind and the cold air to dry it. This will reduce the number of new, small wrinkles.

We propose you the recipe of a mask that will nourish the skin in depth, giving it a midsummer glow. The ingredients are simple and can be found in all naturist shops and pharmacies: a tablespoon of white clay, a teaspoon of spirulina powder, half a teaspoon of Macadamias oil, three-five drops of lemon oil, vitamin E (a capsule with oil - from the pharmacy).

Mix the spirulina with clay. Add the oils and some plain water until the mix becomes a thick paste. Spread the mask on the well-cleaned face and leave it for 10-15 minutes. It is recommended to do this procedure once a week, until spring.

The magic of beautiful hair

In winter, the hair must face the cold, wind, humidity, artificial heat, sudden changes. You can add the hats, caps, shawls and other accessories, required for this season, the effects of which are devastating for the hair. The solution is this mask, a real treat for your hair, which will help to regenerate the hair and nourish it.

Ingredients: one egg, one tablespoon of olive oil, a tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel (in naturist shops), a tablespoon of honey. Heat the oil mixed with honey in a bain-marie few minutes. Add the aloe gel and the well beaten egg. The mask should be applied on clean and wet hair, from root to tip, once a month for a period of about three hours. For the hair to remain wet during these hours, cover it with a plastic sheet. The mask can be removed only with hot water.