Proper nutrition during the holidays

All of us are usually preparing intensively for the winter holidays. Especially, we cook a lot of dishes for the New Year's eve. But such meals can negatively affect our organism. Mostly, this happens because of the large amount of caloric food with high fat content. Most at risk of having such problems are people who have been fasting. The stomach, being accustomed to a period of abstinence, simply fails to proceed the food, which, in consequence, can lead to severe digestive complications. Hereinafter, we propose you some simple tips by which you can enjoy your holiday meal without problems. 

  • First, you must try to moderate the consumption of food. It is very important to chew it well, and the atmosphere should be quiet because the mental state substantially influences the digestion through the salivary diastases activity and the gastric juices in the stomach. Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol as well as of foods rich in salt, fat and sugar.
  • Try to partially replace lamb and pork, which contains about 12% fat, with chicken, turkey  or fish. Don't forget to add to your menu a variety of vegetables, such as: lettuce, radishes, carrots, green onion, cucumbers, tomatoes or peppers. All these vegetables will ensure optimum digestion and will provide vitamins and minerals, having a minimum amount of calories.
  • Before enjoying a steak, in order to avoid bloating or the overloading of stomach, you should eat a raw vegetables salad one hour earlier. In this way, you won't be tempted to consume excessive amount of meat, while the state of satiation will emerge faster. In addition, this way will be created a fiber pad that will help you to easily digest the steak and the food rich in fat.
  • Overeating of the organism during the holidays can lead to a significant fattening in a relatively short time. For this reason, the snacks between meals should contain only raw or dried fruits with low-fat yogurt, and should be taken within 2-3 hours before the main meals.  
  • The used fats should be made of virgin vegetable oils. As for liquids, you must not neglect the consumption of water and liquids, other than alcohol, which dehydrates the body.  
  • Maintaining a healthy diet is essential regardless of the period. A balanced menu should contain:

- 30% fat - which are found in vegetable oils, nuts, hazelnuts, almonds;

- 15% protein - which are found in chicken, beef, seafood, eggs, low fat dairy, and the soy shouldn't be neglected because it contains isoflavones which are important in building and strengthening the immune system;

- 55% carbohydrates - derived from fruits and grains.  

In this way you will avoid indigestion, bloating, abdominal and gastro-ulcerous pains, acute colitis as well as liver, pancreas and gallbladder crisis.

Whatever you eat, you have to do it moderately and you should avoid excessive consumption. With a little care, you will manage to keep your body fit also during the holidays.

We wish you happy holidays and remember: Be healthy!