Simple exercises for healthier eyes

Nowadays it’s a very common thing to see people with tired eyes because of intense work at a computer. Statistics indicate that every third person on the planet has problems with their eyesight. The massive ammounts of information that we absorb daily require constant effort from the eyes, which normally tend to get tired.

Many eyesight problems appear specifically because of increased tension in the eyes. Relaxing them is vital even to people with great eyesight. Symptoms such as dryness, redness and decrease in long distance sight typically appear after long periods of intense work. Relaxing the eyes is especially necessary to those who have bad eyesight.

Often after prolonged work using a computer, reading or other kinds of work involving diverse documents, we feel tiredness and tension in the eyes. In order to avoid these symptoms it is necessary to interrupt your activity and make a few simple exercises.

Exercises with closed eyes:

  • Horizontal movements of the eyes from left to right and then in the reverse direction;
  • Vertical movements up and down;
  • Relax your eyebrows. Slowly rotate the eyeballs from left to right and then in the reverse direction.

Exercises with open eyes:

  • Slowly, in cue with your breath, draw an imaginary number „8”. Repeat 5-7 times;
  • Blink often.

All of the above exercises can be performed in the presented order or combined in any way. It is desirable that these exercises be done daily and also use one or more of them for regular breaks during work. In the case in which you notice that your eyesight is getting worse, ask your doctor for professional advice.