How to face the stress at work?

Each one of us is subjected to tension or unpleasant situations at work, school or family. Financial problems, couple problems, busy schedule at work or lack of time, can cause stress appearance.

But stress itself is not necessarily harmful. Held under control, it is sometimes welcomed, because it helps you keep focused, alert and energetic. But if it is in excess, the stress affects health, labor productivity, relationships with family, friends and in general, the quality of life.

Stress can cause insomnia, fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, increases or decreases in weight. People under stress are irritated, may have disturbance in attention and memory or even a decreased sex drive.

Most frequently, however, we associate the stress with our job. A busy work schedule, disagreements that appeared in relationships with colleagues or with the boss, can cause unpleasant conditions and reduce the pleasure to do your job. There are several things that can help us to diminish job stress.
We recommend a few of them:

-          Organize your time and activities effectively. Draw up a list of tasks to be carried out successfully without imposing yourselves unfeasible purposes. Seek help from your boss, from colleagues when needed;

-          Take a five minute break after each activity. Go for a walk outside the building where you work or have tea with biscuits;

-          Create an appropriate and pleasant environment at work : good lighting , temperature and noise level suitable for your office and other factors that can be controlled;

-          Do not stress yourself upon small things;

-          Cooperate with your colleagues to achieve the tasks. Listen to their advices, opinions, without imposing your rigid opinion;

-          Get enough sleep, at least 6 hours a night. Rest significantly reduce stress and increases concentration and energy.

However if you experience stress for a long time and you cannot keep your emotional balance, one of solutions would be to consult a specialist.