Fungal infections and perspiration - a harmful environment for feet

In warmer times all odors become more persistent. Because of perspiration and other external factors, we feel different body odors. One of them may come from the feet, which is not only unpleasant, but also embarrassing.

The feet are the natural environment for the millions of bacteria that develop on the basis of sweat and skin cells exfoliation. Residues of these bacteria are those which give foot odor. One of the reasons may be tight shoes where the foot is unable to breathe, which leads to the growth of bacteria.

In this case, to avoid the odor is enough to respect simple rules of hygiene: washing the feet more often and intense with the use of an antibacterial soap that kills skin bacteria, the use of antibacterial products, antiperspirants and choosing the right footwear.

However, the odor of the feet can be caused by a fungal infection. Most predisposed to such diseases are people with a weakened immune system, which is an environment for fungus. If the person suffers from acute and chronic diseases or followed a prolonged treatment with antibiotics, mushrooms overflow and cause infections (sores, irritation and pain) of the skin and mucous membranes. The irritation which was caused, favors infections and various microbes.

We can become contaminated with fungus from other people, for example, the visits to the swimming pool, sauna, gyms, especially in their lockers. Man can become infected with parasite fungus when they use foreign footwear.

If you have a foot mycosis , if  you have an excessive sweating even when you do not wear shoes or you have a nail fungal infection, it is necessary to go for a consultation with your dermatologist. You may have an infection that requires antibiotic or antifungal medication prescribed by a physician.