Do not stress your body. Eat right during summer time

In summer time we tend to choose a new and exotic country, in order to keep us relaxed and well rested.  But, often this also means a change in our diet. Such a sudden change can cause major stress for our body when some elementary rules are not held during our diet: food excess, alcoholic drinks or spicy dishes.

One of the problems which we can face is pancreatitis, manifested through pain in the upper abdomen (epigastric region), in the form of radiance in the belt area, nausea, vomiting and fever. As soon as you notice such symptoms urgently appeal to the family or specialist doctors. If the condition is not treated in the nearest time, serious complications may occur and may lead to surgery.

Foods and drinks that can cause pancreatitis can include acidic alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, brandy etc.), heavily fried food and not the least very spicy dishes. If you have a regime that does not include spicy foods, doctors advise not to venture into such unnecessary risks.

Besides the type of food that we consume, an important role plays its quantity as well. If you will exceed it, food indigestion may occur. Doctors advise us to be balanced in the amount of portion that we consume.

If this year you have chosen a specific exotic country, experts advise to pay attention to the fresh fruit and vegetables that you have not tried before. Because if they are consumed in abundance, allergic reactions can occur. The optimal choice would be to enjoy them in small portions without much diversity in one day.

Thus, before departure, in order to avoid the situations described above, visit your family doctor to find out the preventive remedies which you can independently apply, but also to avoid emergencies that may require medical attention.