Breast cancer: signs that you should not ignore

Breast cancer is a form of cancer that develops in breast tissue and is an asymptomatic disease than can occur both to women and men. Annually in Moldova about 900 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and approximately 600 of them are put through surgical treatment.

The causes of breast cancer are different. The risk of developing the disease increases with age. Thus, a woman of 50 years is 3 times more likely to get breast cancer than a woman who is under 30 years. If there is family history of breast cancer, the probability of developing the disease is also higher.

Other factors that increase the risk of breast cancer are obesity, exposure to radiation, the large amount of estrogen in the body, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, hormone replacement therapy given to women with menopause etc.

The good news is that being detected in an early stage, breast cancer can be treated successfully. There are specific signs that can warn an outbreak or disease development. Among them can be found following:

- Nodules or knots felt in or outside the breast;

- Changes in the size or shape of the breast, areola or nipple;

- Sensitivity or nipple discharge, especially if there are few drops of blood;

- Chest pains that persists for a long time;

To prevent cancer, regular checkups to a specialist are recommended. Monthly or more frequently examine your breasts. Useful can be some radiography’s as well, such as ultrasound, biopsy or a mammogram. Such interventions allow the determination of the exact diagnosis of cancer. Doctors also recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun or tanning, smoking and excess of alcohol.

Although the World Day of Fight against Breast Cancer is marked annually on October 1st, throughout the whole month there are conducted information and awareness campaigns about the risks of this malady, the symbol of these campaigns being the pink ribbon.