Antibiotics: How do we use them?

Antibiotics are a group of drugs that are prescribed in the treatment of infectious diseases caused by bacteria. These substances destroy or inhibit the growth of pathogenic microbes within the body.

Used properly, antibiotics help in treating the condition. But if they are administered when it is not the case, they can have less positive effects for the body. For example, some people treat a simple cold with antibiotics as bacterial and viral infection can sometimes have common symptoms. But by doing this it aggravates the situation, because antibiotics weaken the immune system and the body becomes more vulnerable.

Antibiotics orally administered destroy the intestinal flora and cause the propagation of the fungus Candida Albicans, producing diarrhea, constipation and other digestive disorders. Fungi can cause mycosis infections of the mouth, vagina, lungs, fingers or toes.

The abusive and uncontrolled misuse of antibiotics can make the pathogenic bacteria to become resistant to treatment, and when we really need antibiotics, they no longer have any effect. Thus, antibiotics use should only be initiated at the doctor's indications.

It is recommended to avoid alcohol while taking antibiotics, since both alcohol as well as medicines are metabolized in the liver, leading to liver overload. There are antibiotics which combined with alcohol, lose their effectiveness or even form toxic compounds in the body. Women who use the contraceptive pills should know that antibiotics decrease their effect or even annihilates it, thus increasing the risk of pregnancy.

In many cases, antibiotics can be successfully replaced by a natural treatment. For example, chamomile is effective in digestive problems, insomnia, nervous tension or inflammation. It is also a good sedative in enterocolitis, having a pre inflammatory and decongestant effect. Garlic and Echinacea strengthens up immunity, helping the body to fight viral infections and propolis tincture is a natural antibiotic in cases of stomatitis, tonsillitis or various neck inflammation.