Balkan Pharmaceuticals advises its customers to purchase only original products

Annually, at a global scale, there are produced hundreds of billions of dollars counterfeited goods.  According to experts' estimates, counterfeit products represent 5-7% of world trade. Among these there also can be found pharmaceutical preparations.

The World Health Organization estimates that more than 50% of the medicines sold online are counterfeited. If initially counterfeiters were focused on expensive drugs such as pills for weight loss, steroids, psychotropic or erectile dysfunction drugs, afterwards, the counterfeiting has spread to other types of preparations: antibiotics, oncological, inflammatory drugs, pharmaceutical products for the treatment of diabetes, including insulin.

Counterfeited pills may have adverse effects on health or may even endanger the lives of those who consume them. This also affects the reputation of producing pharmaceutical companies.

Although they have the same active substance, the same package as the original drugs, procuring counterfeited preparations can be avoided if we pay attention to certain details. Balkan Pharmaceuticals notices its customers about several detail in order to ensure that their product is original.

Permanently, on the packaging of preparations there are added new identity elements that make their counterfeiting more difficult or even impossible. The authenticity of the medicine can be checked by using the online product verification system - UPIC. All you have to do is visit the UPIC website and fill in the form the unique product code. You will notice how many times this code has been accessed. If the product has been previously checked too often, it is possible that the medicine you have in your hands to be counterfeited.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals advices you to be careful when you are buying pharmaceuticals.