How do we regain vitality after winter?

After a winter with low temperatures, where most of us were accustomed to spend more time inside the house, with the start of the warm season, our body starts to feel some changes.

During winter, the energy level drops, skin and hair can become dehydrated, also, from the cold and from the sedentary lifestyle that we lead, some people are predisposed to gain weight, on a background of a high-fat diet.

When spring comes, human body requires revival and regeneration of energy levels. An important element of this process is respecting a balanced low-fat diet, rich in vitamins and minerals. During spring, hydration increases skin and hair moisture and elasticity. Therefore, it is important to use as much water as possible – at least 2 litres per day.

The practice of sport is an effective method to help maintain health. Exercise and walking, practiced daily, strengthen the immune system; help maintain proper body weight and help restore physical and mental tonus.