Balkan Pharmaceuticals supports World Health Day

Health is a major concern for all of us. Maintaining health is important for reducing the risk of developing diseases and disorders that can disturb the normal functioning of the body.

Over time, medicine has evolved considerably, so that is why, now there is available a wide range of medications, interventions and tips that help keep a good mental and physical condition. Research and progress in this direction are supported and encouraged by the institutions and international medical organizations.

In 1950, the World Health Organization (WHO) established World Health Day, which marks the anniversary of the founding of the institution 2 years earlier in 1948. The event is marked annually on April 7th and every time approaches a new theme, selected depending on the field of priority interest for WHO. In 2016 World Health Day is dedicated to the fight against diabetes.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals - a local pharmaceutical company, founded in 2007, pays special attention to the quality of its production, in order to give consumers effective health medications. The company currently produces 127 types of drugs, including medications that keep diabetes under control: Rovastin, Pentoxifylline, Losartan.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals encourages a healthy lifestyle through sport, financially supporting talented youth in the field (futsal team „Balkan Pharmaceuticals"). The company is also distinguished by collaboration with medical institutions in the country, which involves the donation of medical products for the treatment of patients and organizing campaigns to inform the population. In 2013, Balkan Pharmaceuticals has initiated the campaign "Help to fight cancer."