Thyroid diseases: signs and symptoms you shouldn't ignore

The thyroid is the largest gland of the human endocrine system, which plays a key role in the growth and harmonious development of the organism. This gland is located in the neck and is responsible for stimulating cellular activity: protein synthesis and intestinal absorption of glucose, reducing the concentration of triglycerides, cholesterol and phospholipids, increased heart rate and force, etc.

Like any other organ of the human body, the thyroid gland is prone to a number of disorders. Iodine deficiency, poor diet, stress, exposure to radiation or genetic predisposition can favor the occurrence of thyroid disorders.

Gland begins to function abnormally, either by excessive release of thyroid hormones or, on the contrary, in insufficient quantities, as well as in structural changes (appearance of nodules). Therefore, there may be growth or rapid weight loss, heart rhythm disturbances, hair loss, dry skin, menstrual cycle disorders (women) etc.

If you notice disturbances in the body, it is important to pay a visit to the endocrinologist, who will perform the necessary analyzes and will prescribe appropriate treatment.

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