Headaches - causes and treatment

Headaches are one of the most common and universal human ailments. Each of us suffered from a headache. Usually, when we face this pain we prefer to ignore it or, at best, to grab a pill to "postpone" it. Most of the times this method works, but not always. It’s important to know what to do in such cases and if the headache persists we should see a doctor.

Headaches are divided into two types:

Primary headache which occurs in the absence of any symptoms and secondary headache which occurs as a side effect of another disease, trauma, or as a result of taking a medication.

Therefore, the causes of headache can be quite different: blood pressure changes; inflammation, trauma and brain tumor; neuralgia; autonomic dysfunction; solar and thermal shocks; poisoning and more.

You must contact a doctor if you experience the following symptoms:

• Strong tension headache that you have never felt before;

• A headache that changes the character of manifestation (from moderate becomes stronger and vice versa);

• An unusual severe headache;

• The headache gets stronger by the day goes on, having seizure, vomiting, and being sensitive to light;

• A combination of the headache, sore throat and high temperature;

• An epileptic seizure, skin rash, weakness and mood swings;

The treatment of this kind of pain depends on the underlying cause and the type of headache. For a simple pain it is recommended to consume lots of liquids, to rest in a dark and quiet place.

It is important to consult your doctor in case your headache stays longer than a day. The investigation will determine the source of the pain and will prevent the development of more serious problems.

In more severe cases the treatment will be determined by your internist or neurologist.

Equally important is the treatment of headache and prevention of it. To achieve this you should try living a balanced life without being stressed and depressed, eat healthy, consume less alcohol, change your sleep schedule and avoid noisy and polluted spaces.