Heat and cardiovascular diseases


The heat registered during summer increases the incidence of heart attacks in people with risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Both temperature above 35 °C, as well as humidity of more than 70% are factors that can aggravate heart disease.

The heat and the heart

The human body is programmed to maintain a temperature up to 37 degrees Celsius for optimal performance. If body temperature increases even with a degree, it will try to cool the body by sweating and dilation of blood vessels. Through evaporation, sweat cools the body as a result of enlargement of blood vessels, the heart beats faster and the blood pressure decreases.

Increased heart rate and low blood pressure can cause problems for those with heart disease. People suffering from cardiovascular disease are more susceptible to extreme temperatures due to their effects on the heart. The heart of people diagnosed with cardiac insufficiency is unable to pump enough to maintain the low body temperature and the blood pressure high enough. When we are exposed to high temperatures, we overburden the cardiovascular system by increasing cardiac output and blood pressure due to vasodilatation phenomena that can worsen the overall condition of healthy individuals, but having extremely bad effects on those with heart problems.


People suffering from cardiovascular diseases and use medicines to decrease the likelihood of a heart attack or are taking medications that remove the excess of water from the body, in order to treat the congestive heart failure, abnormal heart rhythms and chest pain, should follow a number of rules:

-          for the most part of the day, to stay inside and keep lower temperatures;

-          Even if you stay at home, do not make great efforts in order to not overload the heart;

-          Wear large clothes, light colored, from natural materials;

-          It is very important to have the head covered with a hat or to have an umbrella;

-          to hydrate enough: it is recommended to consume up to 8 glasses of water per day;

-          Avoid use of caffeine and alcohol;

-          Do not stay at home alone;

Symptoms of heat-related illnesses

Excessive heat can cause exhaustion, especially in people who make great effort and are working outdoors. Among symptoms of diseases caused by hot weather are the following:

-          dizziness or fainting;

-          Excessive Sweating;

-          Muscle cramps;

-          cold or clammy skin;

-          Headache;

-          rapid heartbeat;

-          nausea.

Signs of the hyperthermic shock are:

-          fast heartbeat;

-          confusion or delirium;

-          hot or dry skin;

-          fever over 38 degrees;

-          severe headache;

-          convulsions or spasms;

If you have these symptoms, avoid high temperatures, drink water and immediately require emergency medical assistance.




Together with the technological progress, the modern man has benefited of many advantages that makes his life and daily activities easier. For example, 10 years ago, in order to conduct a banking transaction or to pay a bill, you had to wear yourself dozens of roads that were exhausting you and were a reliable source of stress. Now, we're just a few clicks away from the desired object, we even can topple mountains without getting up from the chair.

All of these brought us professional successes, but, wanting to get further, we tend to forget about our health which, in addition to the fact that is the most important thing that we should take care of, is also the indicator of a successful and modern man.

The morning running or the jogging is one of the most efficient to keep in good physical shape, but it is also a solution which brings lots of social benefits.

Escape the Stress

- Jogging helps us to escape the stress, depression and panic attacks. Running leads to production of large quantities of endorphins (hormone of happiness). So, jogging reduces the level of stress and fatigue, and can fight light depressions. Jogging is also good against the panic attacks.

I run, therefore I'm sexy

- Running is one of the best ways to lose weight. Obviously this doesn't happen overnight if we continue to eat very much, however, in time, your metabolism will get adjusted and you will burn calories faster. By running, you burn about 700 calories per hour.

- Executed in the morning, physical exercises stimulate the metabolism and thus, in the next 24 hours, the process of burning calories will be more intense, even if you have a sedentary job, in the office.

Energy to the square

- During the day you won't feel exhausted and you will not get hungry so often.

- We all go through the torment to get up in the morning while the alarm of the phone or the clock rings interminable. If you exercise at the same time every morning, the endocrine and circulatory systems will adjust the pace imperceptibly, creating your own internal clock which, besides the positive effect on your health, will enhance your ability to manage your time effectively.

- People who exercise regularly enjoy a better sleep.

Be modern, run!

- If you want to socialize, running is a good solution. In places where the majority of people do jogging, i.e. in parks, you will meet a lot of people willing to talk and run with you.

- Running is trendy, as is trendy to have brand new gadget in your bag. A healthy man is a strong, self-confident man - a successful man.

Behold the morning jogging brings more benefits than those related to health. The list could be much longer for those who practice morning running and enjoy it every day. Otherwise, we wouldn't see every morning people of all ages, dressed in sport outfit, running towards parks or sports grounds near their houses.

So, let's give up all the less important things and give priority to our health, let's sacrifice an hour of sleep and start jogging!

P.S. Without idealizing the subject, we recommend you to inform yourself thoroughly before you begin training. It is well-known that we have a shortage of place for jogging, so ask your friends, relatives, acquaintances. Have a good path to a healthy future!