The company Balkan Pharmaceuticals attends the "III Congress of Gastroenterology and Hepatology with international participation", which take place between June 20 and 21 2013, at the Republican Clinical Hospital from Chisinau.

At the congress were invited scientists and medical teams from Moldova, Czech Republic, Romania, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, who will present the results of their research and innovation activities in the treatment of digestive system diseases, but also the newest clinical experiences.

The communications at the Congress present options for the treatment of diseases, rare forms of some maladies, news methods of treatment, but also a presentation a presentation of a team of doctors who performed the first liver transplant in Moldova.

At the same time, pharmaceutical companies from Moldova, as well as foreign producers and importers had the opportunity to present the medicines they propose for treatment of digestive pathologies.

At the Balkan Pharmaceuticals stand, family doctors, gastroenterologists, hepatologists and other practitioners who attended the congress can get acquainted with the medicines produced by Moldovan company. They are: Pancreatin, Lansoprazol, Famotidin, Ursodeoxicolic Acid, Domperidom, Levamizol, Ranitidin, Drovaterin and Hidroreg BP.

For Balkan Pharmaceuticals, a company that constantly produces and delivers 9 names of medicines from this category, the participation at the Congress is an opportunity to discuss with family doctors, with gastroenterologists and hepatologists from the medical institutions in Moldova, to exchange information and good practices for the treatment of patients.

The event is organized by the Medical Association "Hepateg", with the support of Moldova's Ministry of Health and of the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Nicolae Testimiteanu".