Balkan Pharmaceuticals is widening its portfolio of medicines

The Medicines and Medical Devices Agency authorized, by Order No. 126 of 18 May 2018, eight new Balkan Pharmaceuticals medicines, two of which are Moldovans’ number one choice in healing headaches - Citramon BP (tablets) and Citramon BP Forte (tablets).

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The succes of Balkan Pharmaceuticals Futsal team

În actuala ediție a campionatului național la futsal, echipa Balkan Pharmaceuticals s-a clasat pe locul 4, cu 21 de puncte la activ. Băieții noștri au jucat 14 meciuri, în care au obținut 6 câștiguri, 3 rezultate de egalitate și 5 înfrângeri.

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9 new medicinal products registered in 2018

In the first 120 days of 2018, Balkan Pharmaceuticals has registered 9 new drugs and re-registered 2 medicinal products. New drugs include Etoposide-BP, Furosemid-BP, but also the irreplaceable product - Water for injections, solvent for parenteral use. The expansion of the range of manufactured medicines is one of the main goals of Balkan Pharmaceuticals, which contributes to ensuring the pharmaceutical security of the Republic of Moldova and diminishing the dependence on imported drugs.

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Romanian investments in the Republic of Moldova (TVR Moldova report)

Fourteen companies with Romanian capital operating in the Republic of Moldova have joined forces and created the Association of Romanian Investors of the Republic of Moldova. Until now, their investments exceed 76 million euros. Two prime ministers – Pavel Filip (Moldova) and Veronica Dăncilă (Romania) – also assisted at the inauguration of the Association.

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Bronhoclean - a drug to cure Bronchitis

An article published in Sanatate magazine, about the ways to treat bronchitis with the help of Bronhoclean, a product of Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

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Interview with the vice captain of the Balkan Pharmaceuticals futsal team - Alexei Untilov

In 2015, Balkan Pharmaceuticals expanded its program of corporate social responsibility, deciding to provide financial support to the futsal team of SC Gratieshti. As a token of gratitude, the team changed its name from "SK Gratieshty" to "Balkan Pharmaceuticals". Here’s an interview with Alexei Untilov, vice captain and one of the leaders of the futsal team, which bears the name of our company.

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Balkan Pharmaceuticals reveals its numbers

Balkan Pharmaceuticals, one of the largest drug manufacturing facilities in Southeastern Europe, is located in Singera, Republic of Moldova. The company counts 209 types of drugs registered in the State Nomenclature. In 2017 Balkan Pharmaceuticals produced 153 names of medicines.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is the second company to reveal its numbers in the campaign launched by AGORA.

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Interview with Vasile Cazacu, CEO of Balkan Pharmaceuticals

I hope that 2018 will be a year of radical change for the better. I would like the domestic producer to be able to broaden its market share. There are prerequisites for this and I hope 2018 will be successful.

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An interview by about the quality of medicines manufactured in Moldova

An article about the quality of medicines produced in Moldova, the success of Balkan Pharmaceuticals since the opening of the new production complex in Singera, the price policies and social responsability of the company and the importance of the patient for Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

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A new method of protection against counterfeit products

Balkan Pharmaceuticals continues its efforts to maintain the high quality of medicines and to protect its customers from counterfeited products. We highly recommend that you pay attention to the identification elements of the original Balkan Pharmaceutical products.

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Communiqué on charity actions

Since its foundation, Balkan Pharmaceuticals has been drawing attention to social responsibility actions. One of our main goals is to help people live longer, be healthier and happier. For this reason, we are constantly involved in socially important activities, supporting the health system, culture, sport and people in need of help. It's a tough job we do with our partners from different organizations.

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Balkan Pharmaceuticals visits Ionut Rotaru

He has impressed a whole country with his life story, and now he recieves surprise after surprise. We are talking about Ionuţ Rotaru from Dumbrăveni village, Soroca district, the protagonist of the New Year's Edition of the DA sau NU show from PRIME. After receiving 100,000 lei from Balkan Pharmaceuticals, the boy's family was again visited by the company's representatives, who brought them a stove, a washing machine and a laptop.

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More than 500 elderly people went to theater free of charge with children, grandchildren or life partners in the campaign "Take your grandparents to the theater". For one month, for each ticket purchased, grandchildren could receive a free ticket for their grandparents, or 60+ parents.

деталі Четвер, 25 Січень 2018

(Video) NTV Moldova about Balkan Pharmaceuticals's win over Rymbcom

The holders of the silver medal last season and the Moldova Cup finalists - Râmbcom, started the year with a 0:2 defeat in the eighth round match of the Futsal Championship against the Balkan Pharmaceuticals team.

After this victory, Balkan rose to the last place of the podium.

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Balkan Pharmaceuticals futsal team wins against FC Râmbcom

Balkan Pharmaceuticals futsal team wins against FC Râmbcom, and secures three points in fight for the title.

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Tablets to treat ones body. Theater to treat ones soul

Tablets for body therapy and theater for soul therapy. During winter holidays, Balkan Pharmaceuticals finansed the campaign "Come to the theater with your grandparents", part of the 60plus social project, encouraging young people to invite their grandparents to theater, offering them free tickets.

деталі Середа, 03 Січень 2018

Balkan Pharmaceuticals donates 100 000 lei for the Rotaru family

Vasile Cazacu, Balkan Pharmaceuticals' Executive Officer, has donated 100 000 lei to the Rotaru family, during the Da sau Nu TV show. Rotaru family has 11 members - the parents and their 9 children.

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Balkan Pharmaceuticals's social responsibility

The foundation and development of a business from scratch involves, in addition to financial resources, a long-term vision and care for employees and consumers. And with the growth of the company, it also increases its responsibility towards society. Balkan Pharmaceuticals is an example of social corporate responsibility in Moldova.

An article about Balkan Pharmaceuticals social responsibility, published by

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Balkan Pharmaceuticals sponsors the social project "Bring your grandparents to the theater"

Balkan Pharmaceuticals supports the social campaign "Bring your grandparents to the theater", an initiative of the "60 Plus" Social Program, in partnership with the Mihai Eminescu National Theater.

Thus, for one month, for each ticket bought at the "Mihai Eminescu" National Theater, visitors will receive the second ticket free of charge upon presenting the Retirement card of their grandparents or 60+ parents. Free tickets are issued thanks to the funds provided by Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

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(VIDEO) La București,Balkan Pharmaceuticals sponsors a book presentation in Bucharest cu sprijinul financiar al Balkan Pharmaceuticals, a avut loc o lansare de carte pentru copii

Balkan Pharmaceuticals sponsors a book presentation in Bucharest, Romania.

деталі Четвер, 02 Листопад 2017

Balkan Pharmaceuticals renovates a resting room at a local children's hospital

On Thursday, October 19, 2017, Balkan Pharmaceuticals has opened a renovated resting room in the Valentin Ignatenco Children's hospital. The room was renovated so that little patients could feel a bit more like home. It is supplied with toys, books, confortable chairs and sofas, and a TV with children's favorite cartoons.

деталі Четвер, 19 Жовтень 2017

Balkan Pharmaceuticals sponsors a book presentation in Chișinău

Balkan Pharmaceuticals, in partnership with the National Library for Children "Ion Creanga", organized on October 19, 2017 the launch of the illustrated book "Aniţa-cu-Bundiţa and her wonderful travels in the World of Worlds along with the indulgent Duţă-Ghinduţă", authors Luiza Ciolac, Anne Chiriţescu, Romania.

деталі Четвер, 19 Жовтень 2017

(Video) Hidroreg - Be smart - stay hydrated!

Presentation of Hidroreg in the "Talks with Galina" show - | Internet magazine, dedicated to Moldavian women.

Unica is an online women's magazine that provides latest information on fashion, beauty, health, diet, sex - from Moldavian specialists!

деталі Понеділок, 31 Липень 2017

Hidroreg — Be smart, stay hydrated!

In summer, the danger of dehydration is especially big. Hot weather, intense physical activity, diarrhea or vomiting are the causes of dehydration. It is worth considering that, together with sweat, we lose a huge amount of useful substances and elements. If you drink only water - this will not restore the level of electrolytes and quench your thirst only for a short time, since water without electrolytes is quickly eliminated from the body. But we have a solution to this problem!

деталі Субота, 01 Липень 2017

(Article) Quality medicines at reasonable price

An article in Sanatate magazine, about the quality, laboratory, personnel and equipment of Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

"The complex is equipped with the latest systems and equipment. Thanks to these modern instruments, a precise physico-chemical analysis of medicines is carried out. Each material used in the manufacture of medicines undergoes a detailed check."

деталі Четвер, 15 Червень 2017

Compensated medicines from Balkan Pharmaceuticals

An article published in Business Class's April magazine, about the compensated medicines manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

деталі Четвер, 01 Червень 2017

The Medicines Agency of the Republic of Moldova has issued the GMP Certificate for Balkan Pharmaceuticals

On 26.06.2017, the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of the Republic of Moldova released the GMP Certificate for the Balkan Pharmaceuticals factory. The Certificate is issued for manufacturing sterile products (aseptic preparations - low volume liquids and injectable suspensions, sterilized products), non-sterile products (capsules, tablets, powders for solutions / suspensions for oral use) as well as for tests of quality control.

деталі П'ятниця, 26 Травень 2017

An article published in Business Class magazine, about the quality control policies for Balkan Pharmaceuticals's products.

деталі Понеділок, 01 Травень 2017

(Video) Excursion at the factory of the largest manufacturer of medicines in Moldova

A video about the production process at the plant of the largest manufacturer of medicines in the Republic of Moldova and the region - Balkan Pharmaceuticals. The video was shot before the transfer of the production process to the newest facility in Singera.

деталі П'ятниця, 14 Квітень 2017

Balkan Pharmaceuticals - We want you to live longer

The Sanatate Magazine has published an article on Balkan Pharmaceuticals' activity, quality and plans.

"Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a unique production facility equipped with the latest systems and equipment. The plant offers an opportunity to increase the volume of production, to provide over 400 jobs and to expand to the pharmaceuticals market of EU."

деталі Середа, 05 Квітень 2017

Balkan Pharmaceuticals rewards doctors at Aquarelle's Magazine party

Balkan Pharmaceuticals supported the Spring Ball organized by Aquarelle Magazine. At the event, Balkan Pharmaceuticals awarded the best medical specialists in the country.

The 14th edition of the Spring Ball was dedicated to women. Traditionally, the Ball included the Aquarelle Award Ceremony and a performance by local artists.

деталі Вівторок, 04 Квітень 2017

Balkan Pharmaceuticals has opened in Moldova one of the largest medicine factory in Eastern Europe

In order to grow a healthy society and to increase life expectancy, the population of Moldova needs quality medical products at an affordable price. Following this objective, Balkan Pharmaceuticals inaugurated Thursday, October 20, 2016 one of the largest medicine factory in Eastern Europe.

The new pharmaceutical factory in Singera is an important Romanian investment that will create over 400 new workplaces.

деталі Четвер, 20 Жовтень 2016


Thursday, October 13, 2016, the opening ceremony of the National Cancer Symposium attended by international guests took place at the Oncology Institute of Moldova. The event was organized by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, State University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Nicolae Testemitanu", Oncology Institute and the Moldovan Oncology Society, with the financial support from the company Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

деталі П'ятниця, 14 Жовтень 2016


In February 2016, Balkan Pharmaceuticals has received the visit of the French journalist, Xavier Deleu. During the visit, the French journalist had the opportunity to see the factory spaces with limited access, to discuss with company’s management and some employees. He also made a visit to the new, almost finished, Balkan Pharmaceuticals factory, located in Singera.

деталі Понеділок, 20 Червень 2016

Balkan Pharmaceuticals sponsored the 6th International Congress “MedEspera”

Between 12th to 14th May 2016 in Chisinau was held the International Medical Congress for students and young doctors “MedEspera”. Being at its 6th edition, the event gathered over 850 participants, students and renowned doctors from Romania, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Israel and Armenia.

деталі Понеділок, 16 Травень 2016

Futsal team sponsored by Balkan Pharmaceuticals won the Kelme A League, promoting the team to National Division

Balkan Pharmaceuticals futsal team won the Kelme A League, the second best futsal championship in Moldova, promoting the team to National Division. The final match was held between the finalists "Balkan Pharmaceuticals" and "Moldova U-21". Final Score was 9:7, in favour of the team sponsored by Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

деталі Вівторок, 03 Травень 2016

A French journalist visiting Balkan Pharmaceuticals factory

February 1, 2016 Balkan Pharmaceuticals received the visiting French journalist, Xavier DELEU to its medicines producing factory in Chisinau.

During the visit the journalist had the opportunity to see spaces with limited access within the factory in Chisinau and to discuss with the management of the company and some of the employees. The journalist paid a visit also to the new Balkan Pharmaceuticals factory in Singera.

деталі Понеділок, 01 Лютий 2016


Each end of the year is a good opportunity for sharing all the achievements and also, a right time to make plans for the future. During the past year, our company continued to produce quality and reasonably priced medicines and managed to maintain its position in the list of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Moldova.

This year we paid a special attention to the development of medical and pharmaceutical science, and had supported initiatives and scientific researches in this field. The guide "Pharmacotherapy of dental diseases" is one of the publications printed with our financial support. The publication is dedicated to lecturers, practicing physicians and students of the University of Medicine.

деталі Четвер, 24 Грудень 2015

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is financially supporting a football hall team in Moldova

This autumn, Balkan Pharmaceuticals has expanded its social responsibility programs and decided to financially support the football hall team ”CS Gratiesti”. Founded 2 years ago, the team assured its participation in various sports competitions through their own funding. However, this year, due to financial difficulties, the football hall team risked in ending its career.

деталі Вівторок, 10 Листопад 2015

In the last couple of years the number of Moldavian couples who cannot have children has doubled

In the last couple of years, the number of couples in Moldova who cannot have children has increased. Statistics show that 22 out of 100 couples cannot conceive, one of this situation being caused by men infertility.

Experts warn about several factors leading to male infertility. These may include hormonal imbalance, an incorrect lifestyle (smoking, excess of alcohol consumption), unprotected sex, reproductive tract infections (prostate) etc.

деталі Субота, 24 Жовтень 2015

The first training course for nurses organized with the support of Balkan Pharmaceuticals

For the past few years, hospitals in Moldova are facing an acute shortage of medical staff. Because of low wages and unfavorable conditions they are forced to work, most of the medical specialists choose to go abroad in search of better paid job.

Statistics show that the number of nurses working in local hospitals is declining. If 22,760 nurses were working in Moldova in 2012, the number of specialists in the field was reduced with 800 (21 971) in 2014. Thus, in most cases, doctors have to fulfill the responsibilities of the ones that are missing from the system, that is double or triple work.


деталі Вівторок, 13 Жовтень 2015

Balkan Pharmaceuticals participating at the 4th edition of the National Cancer Congress

Between 8 and 9 October 2015 Balkan Pharmaceuticals Company is participating at the 4th edition of the National Congress of Oncology. The event is organized in commemoration of the 55th Anniversary of the Oncological Institute of Moldova. 

The congress entitled "Modernizing oncology service in the context of European integration" were invited scientists and oncologists from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine and Russia.

"I want to emphasize on the fact that this event is extremely important in academic science, in medical science from Moldova. The implementations of our scientists in the management of oncology services in early diagnosis, surgical treatment, chemotherapy, radiotherapy will improve the oncology assistance of the population in our country", said George Tabarna, Doctor of medicine, university professor, member of the Academy of Sciences Moldova.

деталі П'ятниця, 09 Жовтень 2015


Starting with 8 to 10 September 2015, Balkan Pharmaceuticals Company is participating at the 4th edition of the International Congress of Moldovan Society of Anesthesiology and Reanimatology. The company supports the development of the event and acts as one of its sponsors. At the Balkan Pharmaceuticals stand, visitors can find out information about medicines from the branch of analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, or those with effect upon the cardiovascular system, such as HEPARIN.

деталі Четвер, 10 Вересень 2015

Balkan Pharmaceuticals presented its medicines at the event that marked 120 years since the founding of the Psychiatric Clinic Hospital

Balkan Pharmaceuticals Company has presented its medicines that have effect upon the nervous system at the scientific-practical conference that was organized to celebrate 120 years of activity of the Psychiatric Clinic Hospital in Chisinau.

The event is held annually on July 10th, this year scientists and psychiatrists from hospitals of Moldova, Romania and Russia were invited.

деталі Понеділок, 13 Липень 2015

Balkan Pharmaceuticals financed the publication of a guide for dentists

Balkan Pharmaceuticals financed the publication of the Guide “Pharmacotherapy of dental diseases” edited in Chisinau, in 2014. The book is dedicated to teachers and medical practitioners, also to the students of the University of Medicine.

деталі Понеділок, 12 Січень 2015

Balkan Pharmaceuticals wishes you happy winter holidays

The company Balkan Pharmaceuticals wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We wish you a year full of new achievements, good deeds and great undertakings. Let it be a year full of light, happiness, joy of life and a bright future.

We wish you well-being and peace and a bright, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

деталі Вівторок, 30 Грудень 2014

Balcan Pharmaceuticals supports pharmaceutical science in Moldova

On the 31st of October 2014 the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu” celebrated 50 years from the foundation day and 80 years from the day of birth of the university professor Vasile Procopișin. 

деталі П'ятниця, 31 Жовтень 2014

Balkan Pharmaceuticals - the local producer with the highest number of registered drugs in 2013

At the end of 2013 the share of locally produced drugs was 18.75% of the pharmaceutical market. According to a report of the National Agency of Medecines, the drugs were produced by 28 companies, but their number fell to 16, when the Rules of good manufacturing practice of drugs for humans were implemented.

деталі Середа, 21 Травень 2014

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is offering financial support for the publishing of 3 books on pharmacology

In 2013, with the support from Balkan Pharmaceuticals, 2 textbooks and a guide were published in Chisinau. The books are dedicated to students and residents from State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu” and for pharmacists and specialists elaborating drugs.

деталі Понеділок, 02 Грудень 2013

Romanian Investments in the Republic of Moldova - a Good Example for European Investors

The third reunion of the Joint Commission for European Integration between the parliaments of Moldova and Romania took place in Chisinau on the 5th and 6th of November 2013.

The co-president of the Joint Commission for European Integration, senator Florin Constantinescu was the head of the Romanian delegation. The Moldovan parliament was represented by Ana Guţu, the presedent of the Commission for external politics of the parliament of Moldova, co-president of the Joint Commission for European Integration.

деталі Середа, 06 Листопад 2013


The company Balkan Pharmaceuticals attends the "III Congress of Gastroenterology and Hepatology with international participation", which take place between June 20 and 21 2013, at the Republican Clinical Hospital from Chisinau.

деталі Четвер, 20 Червень 2013


In the period of June 3-8, in Moldova is marked the "Anticancer Week". In the past 25 years, the number of people diagnosed with cancer is increasing. According to the Institute of Oncology, in 2012, were taken on record 8204 primary patients, more than in the last year (8080). The fight with cancer was lost by 5734 people in 2012, by 102 cases more than the previous year. At the same time, the number of patients with tumors detected in early stages when the disease can be treated and the patients - rehabilitated, has also increased (37.5% in 2012, compared to 34.3% in 2011).

деталі Субота, 08 Червень 2013


Today, June 7, at the Institute of Oncology, took place the event of donation of a batch of medicines worth 1.5 million lei, from the company Balkan Pharmaceuticals to the Institute of Technology. The pharmaceutical company has donated anti-hormonal preparations that are administered mostly to women with breast cancer and cervical cancer. The role of these medicines is to stop the release of hormones that, otherwise, will lead to the progression of the disease.

деталі П'ятниця, 07 Червень 2013


The event was also attended by Victor Cernat, the general director of the Institute of Oncology, Silviu Chiru, the General Manager of the company Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Alexandru Coman, the general director of Medicines Agency, as well as by doctors from the Institute of Oncology. The donation, which is worth 1.5 million lei, was provided by "Balkan Pharmaceuticals".

деталі П'ятниця, 07 Червень 2013


The Health Minister, Andrei Usatii, director of the Institute of Oncology, Victor Cernat and the director of the Medicines Agency, Alexandru Corman, have attended the reception of medicines, donated by Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

600 boxes of Letrozole and 600 boxes of Anastrozole, donated by Balkan Pharmaceuticals, will be used to treat women suffering from breast cancer and cervical cancer.

деталі П'ятниця, 07 Червень 2013

Medicines amounting 1.5 million lei, donated to the Institute of Oncology

A batch of medicines, worth 1.5 million lei, was donated today, to the Institute of Oncology in Chisinau. The donation was made within the campaign "Help fight the cancer", initiated by the company Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

деталі П'ятниця, 07 Червень 2013


The new medicine factory Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Together with the approval of the National Development Strategy "Moldova 2020" the country embarked on a new model of economic development, by replacing the original model, based mainly on consumption, to a dynamic model based attracting investments.

деталі П'ятниця, 29 Березень 2013


Over 90% of medicines from Moldova are imported. In order to treat themselves, Moldovans pay the costs of import and the trade margins of the drugstores. Only in 2012, the amount spent by consumers on medicines has increased by 21.3 %, compared to the previous year and had amounted 2.3 billion lei. Medicinal preparations would be more accessible for the population, if the share of locally produced medicines will increase in Moldova.

деталі Четвер, 14 Лютий 2013