Creatine BP

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Creatine BP

Powder for oral solution
Trade name
Creatine BP
Active ingridient
Creatine by Creapure ® 21SB16
Creatine ORANGE flavor / Creatine unflavored

【 CREATINE BP】 Made from Creatine Monohydrate Creapure® - recognized
as the purest available micronized creatine with the role of:

■ Increases the energy level of the body;

■ Improves physical performance;

■ Accelerate the process of recovery and recovery of the body after prolonged efforts

Your muscles look better, you need less rest time between sets,
you have more strength, and you can do more reps in each set.

■ The purest creatine monohydrate of the German brand Creapure® is processed into the smallest particles for better and faster assimilation

■ The main source of cell energy-increases physical performance, muscle growth and endurance

■ Supports the quality of life of the elderly, brain health and performance during physical exertion.

■ Better blood sugar control-reduces blood sugar and diabetes risk

Conveniently packed in pre-measured envelopes, which is always at hand!


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