A new industrial complex is being designed in Romania

A new industrial complex is being designed in Romania
Balkan Pharmaceuticals is one of the largest drug manufacturers in the region. Its portfolio includes over 300 products, in different forms and dosages, used in the treatment of various diseases, from colds and allergies, to oncological illnesses. To celebrate 15 years of its existence, the company has initiated the construction of an industrial complex in Romania.

"Since its founding, Balkan Pharmaceuticals has continuously diversified its range of manufactured products. In our company's portfolio, there are remedies irreplaceable in emergencies, but also in the treatment of COVID19, such as dexamethasone, methylprednisolone or heparin ", says Georgel Bacinschi, Balkan Pharmaceuticals Head of Representation.

One of the company's missions is to contribute to ensuring the pharmaceutical security of the Republic of Moldova. Balkan Pharmaceuticals produces a wide range of quality medicines at affordable prices.

"The company's vision is to always be close to patients and healthcare workers, to listen to their requests and to fulfill them, using modern technologies and raw materials from the main suppliers worldwide," says Georgel Bacinschi.

In 2016, 10 years after its founding, Balkan Pharmaceuticals launched the largest drug factory in Moldova, located on 2.5 hectares. It is equipped with modern laboratories and technology, providing a potential of 400 jobs.

"We managed to increase the production capacity to 250,000 tablets per hour, 200,000 capsules per hour and to bring a new standard for the production of medicines in the Republic of Moldova", lists the Balkan Pharmaceuticals'  Head of Representation.

Given the success registered in the Republic of Moldova, to celebrate 15 years of its existence, the company starts a new project in Romania.

"Many of Balkan Pharmaceuticals products are in high demand in other countries, including Romania, which motivated us to focus on expanding production facilities in the neighboring country.

Recently, we completed the blueprints of a new industrial complex in Iasi County, which will include production halls, storage spaces and offices, so that Balkan Pharmaceuticals products become more accessible to the Romanian population", adds Georgel Bacinschi.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals has already registered 20 products in Romania, and the launch of the new industrial complex will expand the range of products offered to the Romanian population and will contribute to the proper functioning of the health system on both banks of the Prut river, say the project authors.

The project is funded by the European Union, through the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020.

The total value of the project is estimated at about 9 million euros. The start of construction is planned for the first months of 2022.



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