Balkan Pharmaceuticals awarded the Notorium 2021 prize

Balkan Pharmaceuticals awarded the Notorium 2021 prize
"This year, for the sixth time, we were awarded first place in the Pharmaceuticals category, which shows the appreciation of patients and healthcare professionals for the high quality products we produce," said Georgel Bacinschi, Balkan Pharmaceuticals Sales Director.

For the first time, the Balkan Pharmaceuticals group was awarded 3 trophies for three different categories - pharmaceuticals, food supplements and pharmacy networks.

"It was a very important year for us as a company, not only locally, but we also launched internationally. In 2021, the name Balkan Pharmaceuticals was mentioned abroad, across the seas and oceans. This year, we launched in the United States, in Russia, in the European Union, but the most important thing for us was this award from here, at home", says Georgel Bacinschi, Sales Director of Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

The Pro-Health supplements, from Balkan Pharmaceuticals, launched in 2021, received its first Notorium trophy.

"We are honored and pleasantly surprised that only a few months after the launch of the Balkan Pro-Health project, we managed to receive the highest distinction at the Notorium Gala. Pro-Health products support a healthy and active lifestyle. The pharmaceutical quality, the scientific approach as well as their manufacturing at the factory with the highest international standards are the main strengths of our products ", says Andrei Bacinschi, Marketing Manager of Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

The largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in the Republic of Moldova aims to contribute to the development of the domestic pharmaceutical sector.

"The main objective is to strengthen pharmaceutical security in the Republic of Moldova. We have two extraordinary projects that I will not name but stay tuned, because something absolutely colossal and interesting will be happening”, says Georgel Bacinschi, Balkan Pharmaceuticals Sales Manager.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2006 and is the largest Romanian investment in the Republic of Moldova.



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