Balkan Pharmaceuticals donates disinfectant solutions and 1000 protection screens for medical workers

Balkan Pharmaceuticals donates disinfectant solutions and 1000 protection screens for medical workers
The epidemiological safety of medical staff and patients should be an absolute priority at this time. To ensure this, Balkan Pharmaceuticals delivered 500 liters of disinfectant solution to the newly founded institution - Covid Center-19.

Oleg Crudu, the director of the Covid-19 Center, expressed his gratitude for the involvement of the private sector in combating the pandemic, stressing the importance of solidarity of the business environment with the workers of the health care system.

Referring to the current situation of the medical staff, the head of Balkan Pharmaceuticals marketing team, George Bacinschi, mentioned:

“Unfortunately, there are not many. They are just a handful of people, whom, until recently, some were cursing, others despising. Today, we all understand that the life and health of the nation depends on them and that, in fact, they are the undecorated heroes of all times. We decided to contribute to the health and operational safety of doctors and medical staff by donating protection screens and disinfectant solutions. Balkan Pharmaceuticals reiterates its support for all those wearing white robes, fighting for the life and recovery of each patient."

Balkan Pharmaceuticals' agents visited 20 public health-care institutions throughout the country, including the Balti Municipal Clinical Hospital, the regional hospitals of Briceni, Orhei, Strășeni, Edineț, etc., the health centers in Călărași, Ungheni and others, donating 1000 protection screens to reduce the risk of infection of doctors and medical staff with COVID-19.




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