Balkan Pharmaceuticals has declared its support for Judo Champion Denis Vieru

Balkan Pharmaceuticals has declared its support for Judo Champion Denis Vieru
Balkan Pharmaceuticals supports a healthy lifestyle and engages in various corporate social responsibility actions. The company supports the self-titled futsal team (vice champion of Moldova) and the a Judo club for children and teenagers. Recently, Balkan Pharmaceuticals signed a collaboration contract with the Dax Club Association, for the support of Judo Champion Denis Vieru.

The development and "maintenance", as you may call it, of a succesful athlete requires serious finances and we decided to come with the support for the national and international judo Champion, Denis. This will benefit the image for our Republic as well as the image of our company”, said Vasile Cazacu, Balkan Pharmaceuticals general manager.

The Judo champion of Moldova and the world champion at this type of sport has high hopes that his efforts will bring success.

"It is the most important year, it is the Olympic year and all the athletes hope for a very good evolution at the Olympic Games for a better future, for an Olympic medal and a soul achievement. I think it is a very serious effort, because professional sport requires a lot of time and personal investment and it is hard work. You have to be a sportsman to understand", says Denis Vieru, Universiade world champion and third place winner at the JUDO senior world championship.

"The club aims to support the professional athletes and especially Denis Vieru, who is the best at the moment and we do everything possible for him to perform well in the finals, at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. In particular, we thank Balkan Pharmaceuticals for support and we assure you that we'll make every effort to achieve great results", confirmed Constantin Meriacre, president of the" Dax Club "Association.

Denis Vieru was chosen the best sportsman of the year by sports journalists at the Gala of the Sports Press Association, with a total of over 3600 points. This year, Vieru was bronze medalist at the Tokyo Judo World Cup in Japan, won gold at two Grand Prix, and was the first at the World Universiade. Balkan Pharmaceuticals is close to professional sport, encouraging talents to succeed!



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