Balkan Pharmaceuticals participating at the 4th edition of the National Cancer Congress

Balkan Pharmaceuticals participating at the 4th edition of the National Cancer Congress

Between 8 and 9 October 2015, Balkan Pharmaceuticals Company is participating at the 4th edition of the National Congress of Oncology. The event is organized in commemoration of the 55th Anniversary of the Oncological Institute of Moldova. The congress entitled "Modernizing oncology service in the context of European integration" were invited scientists and oncologists from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine and Russia.

"I want to emphasize on the fact that this event is extremely important in academic science, in medical science from Moldova. The implementations of our scientists in the management of oncology services in early diagnosis, surgical treatment, chemotherapy, radiotherapy will improve the oncology assistance of the population in our country", said George Tabarna, Doctor of medicine, university professor, member of the Academy of Sciences Moldova.

Because it has a wide selection of chemotherapeutic medications, Balkan Pharmaceuticals is supporting the progress of Congress as one of its sponsors.

"Balkan Pharmaceuticals Company holds the majority of chemotherapeutic drugs utilized on the local market. For Balkan Pharmaceuticals, the participation at the National Congress of Oncology is an opportunity to values its oncology pharmaceuticals both on the local and international level and to exchange experience and best practices on the treatment of patients", said Sergiu Cerlat, head representative of Balkan Pharmaceuticals Moldova.

At the company’s stand, visitors had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with oncology drugs produced by Balkan Pharmaceuticals, such as Anastrozol, Clorambucil, Tamoximed, Lomustin, Letrozol etc.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals has an active collaboration with the Oncology Institute of Moldova. In 2010, the company has provided to the institution chemotherapeutic drugs for the treatment of patients diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2013, under the campaign "Help to fight against cancer", initiated by Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Oncology Institute has received a lot of antitumor preparations from the company.



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