BP CEO, Vasile Cazacu: Pharmaceutical security, the new factory and employees' wages

BP CEO, Vasile Cazacu: Pharmaceutical security, the new factory and employees' wages
How important is the pharmaceutical field for the population? What problems do drug manufacturers currently face? What is happening with the workforce in this field, but also what are the future plans of Balkan Pharmaceuticals, follow in the interview below.

The Balkan Pharmaceuticals plant in Singera is currently one of the largest in Eastern Europe. It has 4 industrial streams that ensure the production of over 200 names of medicines, in different forms, doses and variations of packaging - tablets, capsules, powder, ampoules, vials.

"Balkan Pharmaceuticals is the largest Romanian investment in the Republic of Moldova. The company's portfolio includes products used in a wide range of treatments: from headaches to the treatment of oncological diseases. We have co-opted specialists from Romania, Ukraine, from nearby countries ", said Vasile Cazacu.

The Balkan Pharmaceuticals plant started with about 40 employees, and now we have over 250. Currently, their number is increasing day by day. In the context in which we face an exodus of specialists from various fields, the company makes an effort to motivate young specialists to stay in the country.

"Students do their production practice with us. It is an ongoing process. Some students write their bachelor's thesis at our factory, in collaboration with our specialists. Maintaining and strengthening the team is always in the hands of the management. To stimulate a good specialist, he needs a proper salary. This is the basis of all activities. Of course, there are also factors such as working conditions, work environment, administration, the possibility of improvement. However, a decent salary is the motor of development ", added the director of Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

Regarding the situation in Ukraine, Vasile Cazacu states that there are certain logistical impediments, but the necessary raw materials reache their destination, in the end.

"Ukraine, Russia, Belarus are significant producers and have a significant presence on the Moldovan market. We believe that there is a risk, at least in the short term, of facing shortcomings until an alternative is found. Logistical problems have arisen recently. Delivery time for raw materials, packaging, other excipients has been significantly increased. Logistics was disrupted both by sea, land and air. In some cases, the delivery period has doubled in time and cost. The product arrives at the factory late. We work in advance to have sufficient stocks and to ensure the presence of medicines on the market ", stated Vasile Cazacu.

In addition to the factory in the Republic of Moldova, the director of Balkan Pharmaceuticals reveals that a new investment in Romania is coming. According to him, a factory will be opened in Iasi County, a total investment of approximately 10 million euros.

"The new industrial complex will be located in Iasi County. It will include a production hall, storage space and offices. It is a project funded by the European Union, through the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020, with a co-financing of 30% by Balkan Pharmaceuticals. From the EU side, the value of the investment will be about 70% of the projects' costs", concluded the director of Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Vasile Cazacu.

In the future, Balkan Pharmaceuticals aims to increase the portfolio, ambitious EU and CIS expansion plans, expand the market, increase the number of employees and the turnover.


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