Denis Vieru, about victories, life routines and the support offered by Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Denis Vieru, about victories, life routines and the support offered by Balkan Pharmaceuticals
On April 29, Moldovan judoka Denis Vieru won the bronze medal at the European JUDO Championship. He recently became the world leader in the 66 kg weight class, having previously won gold medals at the Grand Slams in Abu Dhabi, Antalya and Portugal. What is the daily routine of the athlete who makes the Republic of Moldova known all over the world and who are those who support him, find out in the interview given by Denis Vieru for AGORA.

1. Where does your passion for JUDO come from?

I discovered my passion for Judo from an early age. I remember the first time I walked into a judo hall. I was 6 years old! I was hyptonised by the athletes who fought in a white, beautiful and well-arranged outfit, with belts of different colors. At the time, I didn't know what those belts meant, but I felt an attraction to the sport. A year later, I went back to that gym and started practicing Judo.

2. You recently became the world leader in the 66 kg weight category. Tell us how you managed to achieve such a performance?

As a child, I set myself the goal of excelling in this discipline. World #1 is a great result for me. Moreover, it is a historic success, because I am the first Moldovan to achieve such a result in Judo. I want to believe that other athletes from the Republic of Moldova will achieve similar performances in the future.

In addition to the gold medal in Portugal, the Moldovan judoka has managed to win the Antalya and Abu Dhabi Grand Slams in recent months..

3. Tell us about your lifestyle! What is your daily routine and how do you organize your time?

I have a busy lifestyle because of my sports schedule. However, I try to find time for other activities. I usually follow a daily plan. In addition to sports activities, I focus on proper nutrition and rest. I consider myself a strong person and I like to get out of my comfort zone often. I am sure that if you work hard for your goals, they will turn into triumphs.

4. How important is nutrition for a performance athlete?

In my opinion, nutrition plays a very important role in the life of any person, not just athletes. In addition to the need to be healthy, there is also the desire to look good and feel comfortable in your body. The role of nutrition is to ensure this balance.

5. How difficult is it to be a professional sportsman in the Republic of Moldova?

It's hard, but it's possible. I am proud to be one of the most famous athletes in the country and to represent Moldova at the highest level. Although, often, the conditions in which the training takes place are not enough, Moldovan athletes manage to achieve fantastic results. I consider myself lucky because I am supported by a large team of loved ones and trusted partners.

6. Who are your supporters?

Obviously, the main supporters are the family and the team members. An important role is played by the management and colleagues of the National Judo Federation. I am also very grateful to the largest Romanian investor in Moldova, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, for its support as a general partner.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is an important Romanian investment in the Republic of Moldova. The Sîngera drug factory is one of the largest in Eastern Europe, with 4 GMP-certified industrial flows, which ensure the production of over two hundred medicines and food supplements, in different forms and doses.

7. Surely you have your little secrets too! What lies behind your daily routine?

Often, the diet does not cover the daily nutritional needs. Even if the body has its intake of vitamins and minerals from various foods, there are situations in which it can not properly assimilate all nutrients. At other times, the body needs an impulse to function at full capacity. For this reason, I include dietary supplements in my daily diet. I admit, I was skeptical before, but my perception has changed radically since I started using the "Pro Health" range of supplements from Balkan Pharmaceuticals. I felt that they improve physical performance, increase strength and muscular endurance.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals recently launched a new line of products, called Pro Health, consisting of dietary supplements for people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The products are meant for different groups of people, from teenagers (products designed to improve performance in sports, education, skin and hair health products), up to seniors (vision / maintenance products, joint products, etc.).



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