He made his debut for FC Balkan Pharmaceuticals at just 14 years old

He made his debut for FC Balkan Pharmaceuticals at just 14 years old
He's only 15 years old, but has already managed to become a star in the futsal championship of the Republic of Moldova. He is Alex Tumuruc from Floresti - the youngest Moldavian footballer among those who play or have ever played at such a level. He made his debut for FC Balkan at just 14 years old and was soon called up to the youth national team. He is one of the most promising young players in Moldavian football, and his dream is to reach the national football team.

At the age of 14, Alex Tumuruc set a triple record: he became the youngest player in the history of the National Futsal Division, the youngest athlete in the youth national team and the youngest scorer in the history of the championship.

ALEX TUMURUC, FC Balkan footballer: “It is a very important thing for me. I am very happy that I am the youngest player and the first to score this goal. I am very happy for what I was able to achieve".

GHEORGHE APOSTOL, president of the board of FC Balkan Pharmaceuticals: “It is always nice to be associated with the 1st place. Even if it is the first youngest player, or the youngest one to score a goal at his age. First of all, this means hope in the development of futsal in the future, this means fresh blood in everything that makes our favorite sport".

Alex Tumuruc combines football with futsal and trains twice a day. He plays for Atletic Straseni, and plays futsal for FC Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

ALEX TUMURUC, FC Balkan footballer: “I can say that futsal is tougher, you have to step faster, move faster. When you play with children, you move more slowly. It's more relaxed with kids. It's hard for me (to play at this level), it's really hard, but I think I will progress and play at a very high level".

This year, Alex was summoned to the Under 19 national futsal team, but his dream is to repeat this performance in big football as well.

ALEX TUMURUC, FC Balkan footballer: "My plan is to get into big national football. I already got to futsal and I think I will get there too".

Alex Tumuruc is originally from Floresti, but currently lives in Straseni.

Source: TVR Moldova


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