In the last couple of years the number of Moldavian couples who cannot have children has doubled

In the last couple of years the number of Moldavian couples who cannot have children has doubled

In the last couple of years, the number of couples in Moldova who cannot have children has increased. Statistics show that 22 out of 100 couples cannot conceive, one of this situation being caused by men infertility.

Experts warn about several factors leading to male infertility. These may include hormonal imbalance, an incorrect lifestyle (smoking, excess of alcohol consumption), unprotected sex, reproductive tract infections (prostate) etc.

The medicine is always looking for ways and new drugs to solve fertility issues. Moldovan urologist specialists collaborate with profiled physicians from other countries in order to identify the most effective treatment of urological diseases.                                                                                       

An event promoting such cooperation is the Congress of Urology, Dialysis and Renal Transplantation. This year, the Congress, held on October 21-23rd, is at the 6th edition and brought together more than 200 resident doctors from Moldova and specialists from Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Israel. Well known doctors from the European Union made a presentation of the most modern techniques and preparations used in the treatment of urological diseases.

"At the Congress people get acquainted with modern methods for the treatment of urological pathologies, such as prostate cancer, prostate adenoma and urolithiasis. Famous people in Europe report the most complicated clinical cases encountered in urology, "said Emil Ceban, professor and pro-rector of the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Nicolae Testemitanu".

Balkan Pharmaceuticals Company has a close cooperation with the Moldovan urologists. As one of the leading manufacturers of drugs for the treatment of urological diseases in our country, the company decided to financially support the organization of the Congress.

"We participate at this congress with 6 basic medicines, which we use in urology. Balkan Pharmaceuticals is the sole producer in Moldova of Esculap Tadalafil drug, used extensively by many urologists. We have Fluconazole, Pipemidic acid, Drotaverin 80 mg and Dexketoprofen" said company’s representative of Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Constantin Toncoglaz.

In the hospitals of Moldova work 170 urologists.



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