Moldova could produce the drug for the treatment of patients with COVID-19

Moldova could produce the drug for the treatment of patients with COVID-19
The Republic of Moldova could soon produce Remdesivir, the first drug authorized in the United States and the European Union for the treatment of patients with COVID-19. The Medicines Agency announces that it has launched discussions with local manufacturers, but also with authorities in other states, to identify a solution that will allow our country to produce this drug, which will allow in a short time and at an affordable price to ensure the needs of patients.

Given that more and more patients end up being intubated in intensive care units, and the number of deaths is increasing day by day, Moldova wants to produce an effective drug. Remdesivir is produced by an American company, and the authorities in Chisinau are in talks to obtain a license, so that this preparation is also produced in the Republic of Moldova.

"This means that the Republic of Moldova will be able to provide Remdesivir through local manufacturers, according to the formula established by the original producer. This is primarily a quick solution, for the patients in need. The second aspect is the accessibility, meaning that the price will also be a diminished being that the transport expenses, logistical expenses will not be borne ", declared the director of the Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices, Eremei Priseajniuc.

Many of the drugs used today to treat patients with the new Coronavirus in hospitals are produced by the local company Balkan Pharmaceuticals, which has been present on the Moldovan market for almost 15 years. Respectively, tens of thousands of doses of famotidine, dexamethasone, paracetamol are produced, in total, 12 drugs that are today widely used in the treatment of patients with COVID-19 infection in Moldova. A total of 240 employees work at the factory every day, to make sure that the drugs are produced in time. In total, the portfolio of this factory today includes 245 names and dosage variations of drugs from various groups. The factory has three production factories, being internationally accredited with GMP certification. The company’s management assures that immediately after obtaining the license, in no more than three months, the production of the new preparation could start.



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