Romanian investments in the Republic of Moldova (TVR Moldova report)

Romanian investments in the Republic of Moldova (TVR Moldova report)

Fourteen companies with Romanian capital operating in the Republic of Moldova have joined forces and created the Association of Romanian Investors of the Republic of Moldova. Until now, their investments exceed 76 million euros. Two prime ministers – Pavel Filip (Moldova) and Veronica Dăncilă (Romania) – also assisted at the inauguration of the Association. The creation of the Association of Romanian Investors of the Republic of Moldova is a first step in creating a community of Romanian investors on the right part of the Prut river.

"The Romanian Investors 'Association is a platform for launching, monitoring and implementing all joint projects with the participation of public and private entities from the Republic of Moldova and Romania," said Daniel Nutiu, Executive President of the Romanian Investors' Association of Moldova.

Companies from the Republic of Moldova who want to work in Romania will also be promoted through the Association. Heads of the two governments are talking about a consistent and sustainable partnership. Only in 2017 the value of bilateral trade reached 1.7 billion dollars.

"I think our potential is much bigger. We encourage you to make as many contacts as possible with the representatives of the business environments in Romania and the Republic of Moldova", said Viorica Dăncilă, Prime Minister of Romania.

Prime Minister Pavel Filip says that the business climate has improved in Moldova. He also listed progress in reforming control institutions.

Romania is the main trading partner of the Republic of Moldova. Last year, the value of economic exchanges increased by 25%.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is the largest Romanian investment on the Moldovan market. The company opened one of the largest factories in Eastern Europe. The manufacturing complex allows the creation of over 400 jobs for specialists from different fields. The amount of investments made exceeds 30 million euros.

"Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a Romanian investment. The first factory was opened in 2006, and in 2016, 10 years after its foundation, the company launched the new production unit in Sângera. Over the years, the value of the investment has exceeded 30 million euros. The launch of the new factory has several positive aspects, among which the creation of new jobs in our country, for personnel from different branches - pharmaceutical personnel, technical personnel, engineers, programmers, biologists. The second aspect is the contribution to the country's pharmaceutical security. At present, about 90% of the medicines come from imports, "said Vasile Cazacu, director of Balkan Pharmaceuticals.



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