The first training course for nurses organized with the support of Balkan Pharmaceuticals

The first training course for nurses organized with the support of Balkan Pharmaceuticals

For the past few years, hospitals in Moldova are facing an acute shortage of medical staff. Because of low wages and unfavorable conditions they are forced to work, most of the medical specialists choose to go abroad in search of better paid job.

Statistics show that the number of nurses working in local hospitals is declining. If 22,760 nurses were working in Moldova in 2012, the number of specialists in the field was reduced with 800 (21 971) in 2014. Thus, in most cases, doctors have to fulfill the responsibilities of the ones that are missing from the system, that is double or triple work.

As a quality medical act cannot take place without medical assistance, the State authorities have notified the importance of respect for the local medical specialists and organized for the first time a training session in the field of nursing. The event took place in Chisinau within the 4th edition of the National Congress of Oncology and was sponsored by the company Balkan Pharmaceuticals.

"Nurses contribute enormously to treat patients. De facto, they are the ones in charge of the management of existing drugs in a medical institution, “said Sergiu Cerlat, head representative of the Balkan Pharmaceuticals Company in Moldova.

The approximately 100 nurses from oncology domain, session participants, have shared experience and had the opportunity to learn more about the methods of care and rehabilitation for patients diagnosed with cancer. The training session in nursing field was a further opportunity for Balkan Pharmaceuticals to present their products on the local market.

"I personally utilize Balkan Pharmaceuticals medicines and I truly recommend them to others. I want to convince the public that drugs produced in Moldova are just as good as those of foreign companies and much cheaper. We are not so rich to only pay for the package. Believe me, for many drugs the packaging costs, not the preparation itself, "said Aliona Grecu, nurse at the Oncology Institute of Moldova.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals has an active collaboration with the Oncology Institute of Moldova. In 2010, the company has provided the institution with chemotherapeutic drugs for the treatment of patients diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2013, under the campaign "Help against the fight of cancer", initiated by Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Oncology Institute has received a lot of antitumor preparations from the company.