Iron chelate

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Iron chelate

Coated tablets
Trade name
Iron chelate
Active ingridient
Descritpion and Composition
Discover Iron Chelate, a dietary supplement available in a pack of 60 tablets.
With key ingredients like Ferrum chelate and vitamin C, this supplement supports your vitality and aids in optimal iron absorption in the body.

• Iron-deficiency anemia: for those with iron deficiency.
• Fatigue: during periods of exhaustion without evident causes.
• Pregnancy and breastfeeding: iron needs increase.
• Heavy menstruation: increased risk of iron deficiency.
• Vegetarian/vegan diets: lower iron intake.

• Take with a meal alongside water or orange juice.
• Avoid consumption of tea or coffee nearby.

• Medical consultation required before starting.
• Risk of overdose: keep away from children.

Please read the information on the packaging before use