Magnesium+Vit. B6

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Magnesium+Vit. B6

Trade name
Magnesium+Vit. B6
Active ingridient
Magnesium(elemental) – 100 mg Vitamin B6 – 10 mg
Descritpion and Composition
✔ Magnesium Carbonate – a good choice for people suffering from indigestion and acid reflux, because carbonate contains antacid properties;
✔ Restful sleep-restores calm, fights insomnia and migraines, thus promoting better sleep;

✔ Muscle relief and recovery-helps relax muscles, reduce cramps and muscle spasms;
✔ Bone strength-magnesium contributes to the absorption and metabolism of calcium, which is crucial for maintaining optimal bone density;
✔ Increased energy-Mg + Vit.B6 helps transport blood sugar to muscles and eliminate lactate, which can build up during exercise and cause fatigue or cramps, helping to increase physical performance and energy levels.


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