Unfortunately, in addition to medicines certified and admitted to production and distribution, counterfeit medicines sometimes appear on the market. These can affect patients, not having the effect of the original product and damaging the reputation of the producing company.
Balkan Pharmaceuticals takes care of consumers and regularly develops various means of protecting its products, which ensures patient safety and trust.
Our first method against piracy, is the Online Product Verification System – UPIC. This mode of protection is applied to medicines for which counterfeiting has been reported. Authenticity of the product can be checked on the UPIC site. Based on this code, the customer can find product information, such as name, batch number, production date and term of validity of the product.

Since each box has a unique number, the codes checked too often are identified as suspicious by the system. Too many checks on a product indicate that the product is counterfeit.



We value the patients health more than anything. This is why we decided to implement new and intelligent methods of protection against counterfeit products.
We came up with a sophisticated design with a built-in hologram that features tens of unique characters. The hologram can not be removed as it is an integral part of the packaging.
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The boxes of injectibles contain 10 ampoules in plastic holders. Each ampoule has a label with printed info about: the product series, the expiration date (month and year), but most importantly - the 8-letter UPIC Code.
Holo Eng_1

The tablet boxes contain 3 blisters of 20 tablets or 4 blisters of 25 tablets each. On the back, each blister is covered with a hologram foil. The product's series, expiration date (month and year) are printed on the blister face, but the most important is the unique UPIC 14-character code (letters and numbers).

The boxes of tablets and injectable have a printed QR code. By scanning it with your smartphone code, you will be redirected to the official website. Here you can enter the verification code from the blister or ampoule. Please note that the code must be entered in caps lock. The boxes do not contain UPIC codes, so they can not be used repeatedly. UPICs are printed only on blisters and ampoules.
Packages are in two languages: on one side in Romanian, on the other in English. The product name is embossed as well as the BP Logo. The tablet boxes also have imprinted braille symbols for visually impaired people.
The tablets have some new features. They are coated with a film layer, each product having a certain color due to the innocuous dyes used in the production, in the spirit of the new bio / eco trend in pharma. Only the external lawyer is colored, the tablet content is white.

We urge you to pay attention to the distinct features of the original Balkan Pharmaceuticals products.




Due to the increasing reports of fraud using the Balkan Pharmaceuticals trademark, we inform you that:

  1. The ONLY official website of the company is
  2. Balkan Pharmaceuticals does NOT sell products through online stores and e-mails
  3. Balkan Pharmaceuticals does NOT ship packages and does NOT request payments through Western Union, MoneyGram or other international transfer systems (SWIFT, BTC, Crypto currencies) 
  4. All employees at Balkan Pharmaceuticals exclusively use corporate email addresses with domain Please check this when responding to e-mails. Any request to make contact through other addresses is an attempt of fraud!
  5. We recommend that you learn about the latest methods of protection of Balkan Pharmaceuticals products, as well as verify the authenticity of our products, via

The health of our patience is our type priority.