Balkan Pharmaceuticals offers support to the Border Police

Balkan Pharmaceuticals offers support to the Border Police
S.C. Balkan Pharmaceuticals S.R.L. expresses its gratitude for the selflessness shown by the border police employees in the fight with the spread of COVID-19 in the Republic of Moldova. The company donated today 500 liters of disinfectant and 1000 masks of repeated use, to the Border Police.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals relies on the awareness of citizens crossing the border during this period, thus being in solidarity with those who stand at the borders of the country.

"At this moment it is particularly important that each one of us provides support to the authorities, in the fight with the spread of COVID-19. Citizens can offer this support by staying at home, respecting the social distance, hand hygiene and recommendations of the authorities. Legal entities can contribute by providing the necessary goods and services to those who are on the front line of this invisible battle - doctors, medical personnel, pharmacists, police employees, etc. Therefore, in addition to the fact that we work daily on an alert state, in order to provide the medical institutions and pharmacies with the necessary medicines, we decided to donate to the border police the main preventive remedies - solutions of alcohol for disinfecting hands and surfaces and protective masks”, said representatives of Balkan Pharmaceuticals.